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Startup code 啟動文件c51

作者:hkxiaoma   來源:互聯網   點擊數:  更新時間:2014年07月29日   【字體:

Startup code:啟動代碼。在Keil中,啟動代碼在復位目標系統后立即被執行。啟動代碼主要實現以下功能:

(1)       清除內部數據存儲器
(2)       清除外部數據存儲器
(3)       清除外部頁存儲器
(4)       初始化small模式下的可重入棧和指針
(5)       初始化large模式下的可重入棧和指針
(6)       初始化compact模式下的可重入棧和指針
(7)       初始化8051硬件棧指針
(8)       傳遞初始化全局變量的控制命令或者在沒有初始化全局變量時給main函數傳遞命令。
Specifies the number of bytes of idata to clear to 0. The default is 80h because most 8051 derivatives contain at least 128 bytes of internal data memory. Use a value of 100h for the 8052 and other derivatives that have 256 bytes of internal data memory.
Specifies the initial xdata address to clear to 0.
Indicates the number of bytes of xdata to clear to 0. The default is 0.
Specifies the initial pdata address to clear to 0.
Specifies the number of bytes of pdata to clear to 0. The default is 0.
Specifies whether or not the small model reentrant stack pointer (?C_IBP) should be initialized. A value of 1 causes this pointer to be initialized. A value of 0 prevents initialization of this pointer. The default is 0.
Specifies the top of the small model reentrant stack. The default is 0xFF in idata memory.
The Cx51 Compiler does not check to see if the stack area available satisfies the requirements of the application. It is your responsibility to perform such a test.
Specifies whether or not the large model reentrant stack pointer (?C_XBP) should be initialized. A value of 1 causes this pointer to be initialized. A value of 0 prevents initialization of this pointer. The default is 0.
Specifies the top of the large model reentrant stack. The default is 0xFFFF in xdata memory.
The Cx51 Compiler does not check to see if the stack area available satisfies the requirements of the application. It is your responsibility to perform such a test.
Specifies whether the compact model reentrant stack pointer (?C_PBP) should be initialized. A value of 1 causes this pointer to be initialized. A value of 0 prevents initialization of this pointer. The default is 0.
Specifies the top of the compact model reentrant stack. The default is 0xFF in pdata memory.
The Cx51 Compiler does not check to see if the stack area available satisfies the requirements of the application. It is your responsibility to perform such a test.
Enables (a value of 1) or disables (a value of 0) Port 2 initialization for pdata memory access. The default is 0. pdata addressing uses Port 2 for the upper address (or page) byte.
Specifies the value to write to Port 2 of the 8051 for pdata memory access. This value represents the xdata memory page to use for pdata. This is the upper 8 bits of the absolute address range to use for pdata. For example, if the pdata area begins at address 1000h (page 10h) in xdata memory, PPAGEENABLE should be set to 1, and PPAGE should be set to 10h. You must specify the starting pdata address to use to the BL51 Linker using the PDATA directive. For example:
BL51 input modules PDATA (1050H)
Neither the BL51 Linker nor the Cx51 Compiler checks to see if the PDATA directive and the PPAGE startup constant are correctly specified. You must ensure that these parameters contain suitable values.
;不使用預先定義的SFR,The NOMOD51 directive suppresses pre-definition of 8051 SFR
;names. This directive must be used when a customer-specific SFR definition file is included.
 This file is part of the C51 Compiler package
 Copyright (c) 1988-2005 Keil Elektronik GmbH and Keil Software, Inc.
 Version 8.01
 *** <<< Use Configuration Wizard in Context Menu >>> ***
 STARTUP.A51:  This code is executed after processor reset.
 To translate this file use A51 with the following invocation:
    A51 STARTUP.A51
 To link the modified STARTUP.OBJ file to your application use the following
 Lx51 invocation:
    Lx51 your object file list, STARTUP.OBJ  controls
 User-defined Power-On Initialization of Memory
 With the following EQU statements the initialization of memory
 at processor reset can be defined:
; IDATALEN: IDATA memory size <0x0-0x100>
    Note: The absolute start-address of IDATA memory is always 0
           The IDATA space overlaps physically the DATA and BIT areas.
IDATALEN        EQU     80H
; XDATASTART: XDATA memory start address <0x0-0xFFFF>
    The absolute start address of XDATA memory
XDATASTART      EQU     0    
; XDATALEN: XDATA memory size <0x0-0xFFFF>
    The length of XDATA memory in bytes.
XDATALEN        EQU     0     
; PDATASTART: PDATA memory start address <0x0-0xFFFF>
    The absolute start address of PDATA memory
; PDATALEN: PDATA memory size <0x0-0xFF>
    The length of PDATA memory in bytes.
PDATALEN        EQU     0H
; Reentrant Stack Initialization
 The following EQU statements define the stack pointer for reentrant
 functions and initialized it:
; Stack Space for reentrant functions in the SMALL model.
 IBPSTACK: Enable SMALL model reentrant stack
; IBPSTACK = 1使能模擬棧
    Stack space for reentrant functions in the SMALL model.
IBPSTACK        EQU     0       ; set to 1 if small reentrant is used.
 IBPSTACKTOP: End address of SMALL model stack <0x0-0xFF>
; IBPSTACKTOP:棧的結束地址<0x0-0xFF>
    Set the top of the stack to the highest location.
IBPSTACKTOP     EQU     0xFF +1     ; default 0FFH+1  
; Stack Space for reentrant functions in the LARGE model.     
 XBPSTACK: Enable LARGE model reentrant stack
    Stack space for reentrant functions in the LARGE model.
XBPSTACK        EQU     0       ; set to 1 if large reentrant is used.
 XBPSTACKTOP: End address of LARGE model stack <0x0-0xFFFF>
    Set the top of the stack to the highest location.
XBPSTACKTOP     EQU     0xFFFF +1   ; default 0FFFFH+1
; Stack Space for reentrant functions in the COMPACT model.   
 PBPSTACK: Enable COMPACT model reentrant stack
    Stack space for reentrant functions in the COMPACT model.
PBPSTACK        EQU     0       ; set to 1 if compact reentrant is used.
  PBPSTACKTOP: End address of COMPACT model stack <0x0-0xFFFF>
    Set the top of the stack to the highest location.
PBPSTACKTOP     EQU     0xFF +1     ; default 0FFH+1  
;COMPACT模式下64K xdata的頁存儲器
 Memory Page for Using the Compact Model with 64 KByte xdata RAM
 Compact Model Page Definition
 Define the XDATA page used for PDATA variables.
 PPAGE must conform with the PPAGE set in the linker invocation.
; Enable pdata memory page initalization
PPAGEENABLE     EQU     0       ; set to 1 if pdata object are used.
; PPAGE number <0x0-0xFF>
uppermost 256-byte address of the page used for PDATA variables.
 PPAGE           EQU     0
; SFR address which supplies uppermost address byte <0x0-0xFF>
most 8051 variants use P2 as uppermost address byte
PPAGE_SFR       DATA    0A0H
; Standard SFR Symbols
ACC     DATA    0E0H
      DATA    0F0H
SP      DATA    81H
DPL     DATA    82H
DPH     DATA    83H
                NAME    ?C_STARTUP    ;定義當前模塊的目標模塊名
; NAME (modulename)
; (modulename),默認的應用第一個輸入文件的名稱。
?STACK          SEGMENT   IDATA                     ;堆棧
                RSEG    ?STACK                                 ;RSEG選擇一個先前聲明的可重定位的段
                DS      1                                                 ;為堆棧預留一個低階的存儲空間
                EXTRN CODE (?C_START)               ;當前源文件中用的代碼段存儲區的符號?C_START,在其他的目標模塊中定義
                PUBLIC  ?C_STARTUP                      ;聲明可以用于其他目標模塊的全局符號?C_STARTUP,用于和C相連接在.src文件中可以看到這個符號
                CSEG    AT      0                                   ;選擇代碼存儲區內的一個絕對段,匯編從上面命令中的地址0開始執行這個段。
?C_STARTUP:     LJMP    STARTUP1            ;芯片上電復位后,執行的第一句就是該句,該句往下是開始執行啟動代碼
                RSEG    ?C_C51STARTUP               ;選擇代碼段?C_C51STARTUP
STARTUP1:     IF IDATALEN <> 0                                              ;如果IDATALEN不為0,則將長度-1送R0
                MOV     R0,#IDATALEN - 1
                CLR     A
IDATALOOP:      MOV     @R0,A                                             ;將IDATA區清0
                DJNZ    R0,IDATALOOP
IF XDATALEN <> 0            ;如果有外部數據存儲區
                MOV     DPTR,#XDATASTART     ;起始地址送DPTR
                MOV     R7,#LOW (XDATALEN)  ;長度低8為送R7
  IF (LOW (XDATALEN)) <> 0                                    ;低8位不為0
                MOV     R6,#(HIGH (XDATALEN)) +1 ;高8位+1送R6,下面清0用
                MOV     R6,#HIGH (XDATALEN)
                CLR     A                                      ;清0
                INC     DPTR
                DJNZ    R7,XDATALOOP
                DJNZ    R6,XDATALOOP
IF PPAGEENABLE <> 0                                                ;使能外部頁編址
                MOV     PPAGE_SFR,#PPAGE       ;頁號送SFR
IF PDATALEN <> 0                                         ;0-FF之間
                MOV     R0,#LOW (PDATASTART)
                MOV     R7,#LOW (PDATALEN)
                CLR     A
PDATALOOP:      MOVX    @R0,A                       ;清0
                INC     R0
                DJNZ    R7,PDATALOOP
IF IBPSTACK <> 0                           ;使能SMALL模式下的模擬棧
EXTRN DATA (?C_IBP)                    ;使用其他目標模塊中定義的?C_IBP(模擬棧指針)
                MOV     ?C_IBP,#LOW IBPSTACKTOP      ;模擬棧指針指向棧頂
IF XBPSTACK <> 0                                 ;Large模式下使能模擬棧
                MOV     ?C_XBP,#HIGH XBPSTACKTOP
                MOV     ?C_XBP+1,#LOW XBPSTACKTOP
IF PBPSTACK <> 0                                                ;COMPACT模式下的模擬棧
                MOV     ?C_PBP,#LOW PBPSTACKTOP     ;指向棧頂
                MOV     SP,#?STACK-1                               ;硬件棧SP賦值
; This code is required if you use L51_BANK.A51 with Banking Mode 4
; Code Banking
Select Bank 0 for L51_BANK.A51 Mode 4
#if 0  
    Initialize bank mechanism to code bank 0 when using L51_BANK.A51 with Banking Mode 4.
                CALL    ?B_SWITCH0      ; init bank mechanism to code bank 0
                LJMP    ?C_START                 ;執行main函數


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